What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the safest payment methods by using credit card payments or wire transfer. If you need any help using these please contact support@giftcarddeal.com


When will I receive my cards? Where are my gift cards?

We try to send out the gift card right away but some orders may take up to 24 hours.

Disney gift cards take around 4 weeks to be delivered at the moment.  We are working on cutting this lead time down soon.

What should I do if the balance in my card is less than expected or it is registered under someone else’s name?

First of all let me say, we are sorry about that! We buy cards from people who don’t want them, and sometimes things like this happen, which is why we offer a 30 day guarantee. If you find yourself with a card that has already been registered by someone else or that has the wrong balance, please email our team at support@giftcarddeal.com.  We will get you a replacement or a refund in no time.

Can I use your gift cards outside the US?

Unfortunately, the gift cards can only be used inside the US.

How can I send the gift cards to somebody else?

We will send the cards to the email you used to create the account. It is very important that this is your email and not someone else’s to prevent any inconveniences. Once your order is approved, we will send the gift cards to the email address you provided during checkout. If you wish to send the cards to someone else you will simply have to forward that email them, but be careful – anyone who sees that email will be able to use your gift cards!

Return Policy

How do I cancel my order?

If you do not wish to move forward with your order, you may send an email to our support team at support@giftcarddeal.com requesting a cancellation.

Why was my order canceled?

Typically orders are canceled when further verification is necessary but not completed. We always notify you of the cancellation email.

If you have placed an order, and haven’t received a confirmation email within a couple of hours, please check your email, as you may have received one asking you to verify your account.

If you are still unsure why your order was canceled, feel free to contact our support team at support@giftcarddeal.com

Buyer Protection

Why does my order need further verification?

Sometimes we request our users to go through an additional verification process as a safety measure. This is a standard procedure meant to ensure our user’s safety, as it prevents fraudsters from using your account or credit card, and to guarantee a positive experience on our site.

Other questions

If you find any problems or have questions, please write to support@giftcarddeal.com



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